Discover Innovator is a feature-rich, high performance search application that allows Aras Innovator® users to quickly find Parts, Documents and other Innovator items using a powerful, industry proven search engine. The installation process is simple and can be completed within an hour. Users can then use the configurable search interface to quickly locate and update Innovator content.

Fully Integrated

Discover Innovator is embedded in the Innovator client and can be accessed from the first level of the table of contents, allowing the user to navigate to the search page with a single click. Innovator item forms and files associated with technical documents, CAD models and drawings are easily accessible directly from the results display.

Familiar Interface

Unlike typical embedded search interfaces, Discover Innovator presents the user with a very familiar Google-like search interface allowing them to use well known methods to quickly and simply find Innovator items. Users can locate items across Item Types and find information relevant to a specific topic or keyword. Discover Innovator delivers enhanced search capabilities that are complementary to the standard Innovator search tools.

Configurable Search Experience

Discover Innovator grants the site administrator the ability to identify which items and properties they wish to include in their search experience. In addition, the user interface can be tailored to use site-specific search fields and snippet result presentations. Both tasks can be easily accomplished with a basic text editor—no programming required.

Discover More Content

NorthRidge Software extends the value of its Discover search applications by providing consulting and development services that expand the scope of searchable information to include additional corporate content sources such as shared file systems, intranet sites, legacy databases and content management systems.

Insight Applications

The standard out-of-the-box search interfaces are designed to meet the general needs of the user community. However, there are occasions when those users could benefit from a specialized insight application tuned to their specific needs. NorthRidge Software has a rich history of building custom insight applications that meet specific user requirements and result in significant productivity improvements.